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Quintin Norris MSTAT LLAM
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hereford / Worcester / malvern
Tel : 01885 788276

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Alexander Technique Sherford House, Bromyard, Herefordshire

About me

I have been working as an Alexander Teacher since 1997 and am a registered member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.  For most of that time I have been teaching in London and the South East.  I now live in Bromyard in Herefordshire and am delighted to be able to bring my experience of this wonderful work to people across the Hereford / Worcester area.

I first trained as a professional actor in the 1970s.  It was during the next ten years "treading the boards" that I first discovered I had a talent and enthusiasm for teaching.  I spent the next 12 years as Head of Drama at a girl's independent school.  

It was here that a chance conversation with a colleague about the stresses and strains of daily life first led me to the Alexander Technique.  She was having lessons to overcome a painful back problem and I was sufficiently interested to seek out a teacher myself.  I really found this a life-changing experience and began the three year intensive training course to become an Alexander Teacher.

I was lucky enough to be trained by Walter Carrington (1915 - 2005), the foremost exponent of the Technique in the world, who worked alongside F M Alexander himself until he died in 1955.  I was also privileged to be invited by Walter and his wife Dilys to assist them in the training of Alexander Teachers at the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC) in London and I helped train teachers at CTC for many years.

I continue to feel it an enormous privilege to carry on the work and bring Walter Carrington's inspiration to my pupils. My approach is pragmatic: Understanding comes from experience, and it's my aim to give you a new experience.  

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Quintin Norris MSTAT - Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Hampshire - Explaining Quintin Norris MSTAT - Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Hampshire - Working on a pupil Quintin Norris MSTAT - Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Hampshire - Working

“I realise that I cannot control a set of circumstances outside myself, but I can go on the journey relying on the state of mind and body that Alexander Technique gives me”                                                                                                     


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