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Quintin Norris MSTAT LLAM
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hereford / Worcester / malvern
Tel : 01885 788276

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Alexander Technique Sherford House, Bromyard, Herefordshire

There have been many words written about the Alexander Technique, but most people (including me when I first started years ago) find that these only really make sense when they experience it!  But in essence, the Alexander Technique is a technique that teaches us how to use our body in a more efficient and healthier way.  It is taught individually and anyone can learn it.   

The Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical method of education - it is concerned with thinking as well as activity, and it teaches us how to ‘use’ ourselves to best advantage in all our daily activity.  It is widely recognised as an effective means of alleviating or preventing back and other muscular-skeletal pain and many other disorders, as well as enhancing performance, improving mental health and increasing vitality and enjoyment of life.

F M ALexander - Founder of the Alexander Technique

Where does the Technique come from?

F M Alexander (1869 - 1955)

The Alexander Technique has been around now for over 100 years.  It was ‘discovered’ by an Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander, who suffered from persistent voice and breathing problems on stage, as well as general ill health.  Obtaining very little help from conventional medicine, an absolute determination to find the real root of his problems led him to discover certain fundamental truths about human activity, co-ordination and movement.

Over many years of observation of himself, he began to understand that habitual patterns of misuse involving the whole of his body and mind were the cause of his problems.  Over the years he discovered how to consciously change these patterns of use and developed a Technique which not only eliminated his vocal problems, but also brought about remarkable improvements in his general health.

He began teaching others and came to London in 1904, setting up a teacher training school thereafter.  His ‘technique’ is now taught all over the world.  

Quintin Norris MSTAT - Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Hampshire - Working on a pupil standing Quintin Norris MSTAT - Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Hampshire - Working on a pupil into a chair


…Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life…

So often we build up unnecessary habits of muscular tension over the years.  We are usually unaware of these until they cause us pain and discomfort, but every day they are stopping us moving in an effortless and dynamic way and fulfilling our true potential.  The Alexander Technique helps us recognise and prevent these unnecessary tensions.

We learn to stand easily at our full height.  This leads to good posture, freedom of movement, easy breathing, confidence and general well-being.  And when this happens we find that our back pain, neck pain, general stiffness and other disorders are relieved. It helps us to feel calmer and think more clearly.

It is a tool for life.

What is the Alexander Technique?

“The Alexander Technique really works!

I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pains or back pain.”                                                                                                     


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