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Quintin Norris MSTAT LLAM
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hereford / Worcester / malvern
Tel : 01885 788276

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Alexander Technique Sherford House, Bromyard, Herefordshire

Can the Alexander Technique Help You?

Come along and see for yourself!

Some notes on Other specific applications of the alexander technique

Please bear in mind that the Alexander Technique does not diagnose or treat symptoms - it is the re-education involved that can have such a positive impact on a variety of conditions.  Also, there is only so much that can be conveyed about the Technique in writing and I encourage you just to come along and learn for yourself!


Poor habits of posture and movement can have a huge effect on our breathing, restricting the efficient process of clearing toxins and re-oxygenation of our blood. This can have an effect on our emotions so we may be over-anxious, timid and lacking confidence, or lethargic and depressed.  

Collapse in stature can also put excessive pressure on our digestive system, our bowel movements and affect our pelvic floor.  Excessive tension can cause restriction of blood circulation, increasing pressure and putting strain on our heart.  

The Alexander Technique helps us challenge these poor habits; you learn how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it.

As the Alexander Technique is concerned with challenging habitual reactions, it also helps you deal with stimulus more effectively.  It teaches you to gain control over your reactions.  In a stressful situation the Technique helps to organise your perception of the choices available.  Learning to apply the Technique in this way builds quiet confidence and emotional intelligence.

Self-Reliance & Confidence

Improved physical balance and co-ordination also brings about emotional centredness and natural confidence. This can influence how we communicate and interact with others and allows our full potential to be expressed. Greater calmness and self confidence comes with natural upright poise and can help you achieve more in life and generally feel happier and more fulfilled.

Alexander discovered the essential role of the body in the development of conscious learning.  The Technique is therefore a powerful tool for heightening self-knowledge to be able to deal with emotional problems and achieve personal transformation.  A number of my pupils come for lessons following a significant life-change such as bereavement and divorce.

Many others use the Technique for their general self-development.  It offers a method for lifelong learning.

Office Workers / Computer Users

So many of us spend a good deal of our day working on a computer.  Sitting at a desk, or hunched over a laptop on our knees, is not what we were built for.  It's why so many of us experience aches and pains, especially if we sit badly.  The Technique is very useful in alleviating many desk and keyboard related problems.

Since it also leads to a greater clarity of perception, the Technique can also help you be more productive in the workplace generally.  It enables you to keep a cool head, think on your feet and represent your subject and yourself with poise and confidence.

Actors, Musicians, Dancers and Other Performers

Many of the best performers display an economy of movement and seem entirely natural.  Alexander teaches us that this is not just the result of natural talent, but can be learned.  Bad habits built up over years of daily misuse can become exaggerated when you have to regularly perform a repetitive, difficult or delicate activity.  Alexander Technique teachers see a lot of actors, musicians, dancers and other performers with pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulder and other muscular-skeletal problems, breathlessness and vocal problems, as well as those just seeking to fulfil their creative potential.

Performers use the Alexander Technique to improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up creativity and spontaneity and manage stage fright.

The Technique is used by all the major Drama, Music and Dance Schools.  Performers know that they have to be in good form and in a balanced state both physically and mentally to be able to work, but often they do not have a tried and tested means of achieving this state - the Alexander Technique provides this.

If you are looking for drama and performance coaching that fully integrates the Alexander Technique, please visit my other website at www.find-yourvoice.com

Athletes & Sports

Many top athletes use the Alexander Technique to improve their performance.  It can be equally useful for any form of exercise, from running, horseriding and swimming to T'ai Chi and Yoga.  Sportspeople can improve flexibility, timing and efficiency, and be able to be on form more consistently.

Learning the Technique improves breathing, reduces undue muscular tension, facilitates recovery, reduces the risk of injury, improves reflexes, balance, coordination, quality of movement and mobility.


The realignment of the body during pregnancy can cause constant discomfort. Learning the Technique can help women cope with their changing shape and balance of weight, which relieves pain.  It also help you to later cope with the stresses of motherhood.