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Quintin Norris MSTAT LLAM
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hereford / Worcester / malvern
Tel : 01885 788276

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Alexander Technique Sherford House, Bromyard, Herefordshire

How can the Alexander Technique help you?

“The Alexander Technique will benefit anyone whether they are an elite athlete or whether they just wish to live life without the aches and pains that many people suffer and accept as part of life.”                                                                                                       GREG CHAPPELL

The Alexander Technique helps you take a fresh look at the way you think and move - in everyday activity as well as whilst performing particular skills which may be important to you.  It is a practical technique that involves you becoming more aware of your posture, movement and thinking in order to overcome unhelpful habits.  This is applied to all your activities - from sitting at a desk, walking and bending to pick something up; to playing the violin, running a marathon or performing on stage.

The Technique involves conscious awareness and this can make a huge difference to how you feel. Gradually your habits diminish and your normal condition changes so that even when you are not thinking about it, you are still better off.




As our overall condition improves, many specific symptoms start to disappear.  Many people therefore come to the Alexander Technique to deal with specific conditions, such as :


Back, Neck, Shoulder and other Muscular Skeletal Problems

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Self-Reliance & Confidence>>

Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Performers>>

Office Workers / Computer Users>>

Athletes and Sports>>


Whatever your goals - personal or professional - learning the Alexander Technique, tested and proved in all walks of life over the last 100 years, gives you the means to improve your activity and performance and enhance the quality of your life.

How Do You Learn the Alexander Technique? >>


…You can’t do something you don’t know if you keep doing what you do know…