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The Power of Posture

An article about good posture might not be the first thing you would expect to find in The Economist!  But the a recent edition highlights research which demonstrates the psychological benefits of posture.  It concludes that the way we stand and hold ourselves can have a dramatic effect on how successful we are and how we feel about ourselves and others.

Read The Economist article here>>

This is something that we in the Alexander Community have known for a very long time.  The 'stand up straight, shoulders back and chest out' stance illustrated by the Sergeant Major in the article isn't really the kind of 'good posture' that we would encourage however!

Come and find out what it’s really all about in an Alexander lesson>>

Read more about the psychological benefits of the Alexander Technique>>

The Core Stability Myth
As we go into each New Year many of us resolve to 'get fit', but recent research gives us cause for concern about how we do so...

According to an article in The Times, the founding principles of Pilates and the mainstay of many gym regimes are flawed.

In recent years the central message we get at the gym is that the deeply embedded muscles in our trunk must be strong if we are to look good, stand up straight and have bodies that move freely and without pain.  Few gym workouts are conducted without the instruction to “engage” the core by pulling in the belly button and sucking in the stomach!

But among exercise scientists there is growing dissent about whether this pursuit is worthwhile or even safe.  Read The Times article here>>

In the Alexander world, this is a welcome challenge.  We do not consider muscles to be things to be stretched and pressed and bullied into shape.  They will support us perfectly well if given the right 'direction'!  As you can find out in an Alexander lesson...  

Victoria Beckham Fights Poor Posture with the Alexander Technique

She's been wearing towering stilettos her whole life - but Victoria Beckham fears her love of lavish footwear has caused her pain and postural problems and may leave her with a hunchback look as she gets older.

Instead of ditching the heels in favour of a nice pair of flatties however, Victoria has turned to the Alexander Technique.

It seems years of bad postural habits have ‘caused her bones to be improperly aligned, with her muscles, joints and ligaments taking more stress than they should'.  

The Alexander Technique appears to be doing the trick.  A friend of Mrs Beckham said, ‘You can tell that something is working as the years of Victoria's shoulders being slumped are now over'.

Victoria Beckham

 "... feeling so much better..."

Many actors, singers, dancers and other performers practise the Technique in an attempt to improve movement, co-ordination and confidence and to eliminate bad postural habits picked up over the years.  Some of our favourites are on the right...





The British Medical Journal concludes that :

“One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.”   

Some famous faces who swear by the

Alexander Technique





You will find details of more studies and research on the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) website.

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Exciting research has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that proves that the Alexander Technique is an effective treatment for long-term back pain - better than painkillers, physiotherapy, massage or exercise alone.

The study was published in the BMJ in August 2008.  Follow the links below for the full publication, newspaper articles and to watch a video made by the study team.

Link to the Science


Little P, Lewith G, Webley F, et al.Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain. BMJ 2008; 337; a884

Links to the Headlines


Alexander Technqiue - most effective at reducing back pain

The Telegraph, 20 August 2008

An old cure for a modern malaise: Alexander Technique can beat chronic back pain

Daily Mail, 20 August 2008

How does the Alexander Technique work? What are the authors findings about the clinical and cost effectiveness of the treatment?  Watch the BMJ video to find out (12 min), which also contains some good footage about what the Technique is all about.